Top 10 FAIR Data & Software Things. The Top 10 FAIR Data & Software Things are brief guides (stand alone, self paced training materials), called "Things", that can be used by the research community to understand how they can make their research (data and software) more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable).


the (meta)data does often not meet the FAIR principles [6]. Consequently, a central FAIR-compliant repository is highly desirable to support NGS related research. We have selected iRODS (Rule-Oriented Data management systems) [3] as a basis for implementing a sequencing data repository because it allows storing both data and metadata

FAIR-aligned data repositories add value to research data, provide metadata and landing pages for discoverability, and support researchers with documentation guidance, citation support, and curation; FAIR-aligned Earth, space, and environmental science publishers align their policies to establish a similar experience for researchers. FAIR Health’s data products and analytics—built on a data collection representing the claims experience of the privately insured population and those covered by Medicare—are used with confidence by consumers and organizations throughout the healthcare sector. Data can be FAIR but not open. For example, data could meet the FAIR principles, but be private or only shared under certain restrictions. Open data may not be FAIR. For example, publically available data may lack sufficient documentation to meet the FAIR principles, such as licensing for clear reuse. FAIR principles Findable.

Fair data repository

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One of the grand challenges of data-intensive science is to facilitate knowledge discovery by assisting humans and machines in their discovery of, access to, integration and analysis of, task-appropriate scientific data and their associated algorithms and workflows. Our starting point is eNanoMapper, a FAIR-compliant data repository, incorporating standardised data templates and open metadata standards, which contains an inventory of established NanoEHS databases sourced from several EU-funded projects (NanoReg2, caLIBRATe, NanoCommons, and GRACIOUS) and a few select, internationally-established databases (CEINT, NIKC, NECID). In Explanatory notes and annexes we give some non-binding explanation and guidance for a FAIR view on data and what constitutes a repository of FAIR data (a 'Data FAIRport') 3. FAIR for machines as well a people. In eScience, two clearly separated substrates for knowledge discovery can be distinguished.

Compensation & Benefits: 3.7☆.

The aim of our work is to implement the FAIR principles into a data assessment tool so that every dataset which is deposited or reused from any digital repository  

In this blog post we take a closer look at the requirements and give some examples. FAIR Data Point, Release 1.8.0 3.1Triple Store Every FAIR Data Point needs to store the semantic data somewhere. A triple Store is a place where the data is.

Fair data repository

The webinar aims at discussing the role of the Research Data Alliance co-​creation project tackling the FAIR assessment of data infrastructures. 11.05–​11.40 RDA & EOSC, Hilary Hanahoe, RDA, Timea Biro, Digital Repository of Ireland

Fair data repository

Publicerad för 25 dagar sedan Sista ansökningsdag om 5 dagar. 4 feb. 2020 — DCU arbetar utifrån målet att all forskningsdata ska vara FAIR (Findable, National Dataservice) metadataportal or yet another data repository. 2020 ICPSR Data Fair vids (Data in Real Life!); a data repository funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, "Drawing a Portrait of Arts and Culture in the  18 mars 2021 — SciLifeLab Data Centre s?ker en motiverad och kunnig Data Steward f?r att l?​pande publicera data och resultat i SciLifeLab Data Repository, ett system f?r datapublicering.

Fair data repository

goal of creating and maintaining the most comprehensive scientific repository possible.
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Israel, Singapore, Taiwan and the Republic of Korea - where “fair use" can be  Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "repository" – Svensk-engelsk to implement its data repository and relied on the Disaster Recovery Plan of the and to develop decision processes that are perceived as fair and equitable by  SureBackup is all about verifying your backup data (your VMs) in a super smart way. Replication from a Veeam perspective has been set up, to make a fair comparison to the VMware Windows 2016 ReFS as a Veeam backup repository? Title: Svenska Teatern My Fair Lady, 1959-1960; Subject Headings: - My Fair Lady; Genre: program; Notes: - Helsinki production; Repository: Music Division  1 apr. 2021 — Data steward.

Emphasis is on fostering FAIR data culture and the uptake of good practices in making data FAIR. FAIRsFAIR will play a key role in the development of standards for FAIR Certification of repositories and their data holdings, contributing to policies and practices that will turn the EOSC programme into a functioning infrastructure. The repository finder tool, developed by DataCite allows you to search for repositories which are certified and support the FAIR data principles.
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5 dec. 2019 — The Digital Repository of Ireland: FAIR and Open Data. The opportunities for Humanities researchers, a proposal submitted by Dr Kathryn 

2021 — Data steward. Data steward – Ledigt jobb i Uppsala stödja projekt att löpande publicera data och resultat i SciLifeLab Data Repository, erfarenhet av forskningsdatastöd för både infrastruktur och forskning, särskilt FAIR Oferta de empleo: Data Steward.

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The UK Data Service, as ESRC data service providers, complies with the principles of this policy, coordinating with data owners to provide access to data for users, by ingesting data into our digital repository and archiving them to provide continued access, user support, training and strategic data related advice. The FAIR Guiding Principles

In a comprehensive document, the Swiss National Science Foundation explains (SNF, n.d.) how the responsibilities of both are distinct. In the chapter on archiving and publishing data, we will guide you in making the FAIRest choice for entrusting your data. The 3 types of data services that users consider essential to enable FAIR data. Most respondents consider trustworthy data repositories, persistent identifiers, and rich metadata as most essential in making data FAIR. At the same time, tools, policies, data management planning and ontologies services are seen as very important too. The repository finder tool, developed by DataCite allows you to search for repositories which are certified and support the FAIR data principles. Further guidance on choosing a FAIR aligned repository is available here.

Dataset som deponeras i ett Core Certified Repository, får en permanent FAIR data self-assessment tool kan användas för att utvärdera hur FAIR ett dataset är 

By offering detailed information on more than 2,000 research data repositories, re3data has become the most comprehensive source of reference for research data infrastructures globally. This collaborative webinar, organised by the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) and the Research Data Alliance Ireland (RDA) national node, with the support of Europeana Research, will explore the benefits of publishing GLAM data as FAIR data and will address questions about how this can be achieved. FAIR Data Repositories: Key Features Defined. Input is now sought on the report D2.3 Set of FAIR data repositories features which presents the results of the first year of Task 2.3 of the FAIRsFAIR project in the form of guidelines for the “FAIRification” of repositories capable of hosting FAIR digital objects.

English: Lise Myhre at the 2007 Gothenburg Book Fair. In the background Date and time of data generation, Unknown date. Lens focal  The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Vanity Fair: A Treasure Trove from the Costume researchers, and dreamers can now connect to the most up-to-date data and images for more than Regency Era Fashions - Ackermann's Repository 1810.