We wanted to host a month-long hackathon focused on this convergence on FinTech and Sustainability building awareness of the SDG goals, the 2030 agenda and what tools we can learn to build for the future.” “The agenda for each week focuses on specific elements like mentorship, workshops on design thinking methodologies that foster innovation and creativity, one-on-one discussions and we


SUSTAINABILITY OF HACKATHON OUTCOMES | Starting out as student coding events, hackathons have become a global phenomenon promising to drive entrepreneurship, corporate innovation, civic engagement

The focus is on developing sustainable energy smart systems to accelerate the energy transition in a world where increasing distributed energy resources are rapidly changing the energy ecosystem – the way we produce, store and distribute energy. The Sustainability Hackathon 2020 is the 2nd Hackathon organized by the Department of Development and Sustainability, AIT. This year of the COVID-19 outbreak, we aim to achieve sustainability solutions to address the problems of Sustainability Living in the Face of Coronavirus from any aspect of development. As the teaching of social and ecological topics is fundamental to the sustainability of our industry and the world, the hackathon gives participating students an opportunity to broaden their The FinTech for Sustainability Hackathon, in strategic partnership with the Central Bank of Bahrain and Tamkeen, gives innovative university students the opportunity to play a part in making the world a better place. The Hackers were joining forces with leading global organizations and tackled sustainability challenges that will shape our future. Research in Artificial Intelligence is advancing rapidly, with an already visibly impact on our digital lives. But how can AI contribute to the pursuit of sustainable industrial solutions? Why Greiner Packaging joins the Hackathon.

Sustainability hackathon

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Annette Wagner, Head of sustainability and ideas lab, and enthusiastic Social Impact Challenge  The target domains include: Environmental monitoring and policy making; Agriculture and sustainable bio-economy; Disaster resilience; Transport applications for  8 Mar 2021 08.03.2021. First Lady Andra Levite addresses the participants of Riga TechGirls and Latvian Investment and Development Agency  The aim of the hackathon “Women. Technology. Sustainability.” 2021 is to focus on building new ideas, prototypes, and solutions for Sustainability in the “New  The environmental challenges are many, each with its own complexity.

If you feel that your background may not fit, do not worry. We promise that your interest plays more important role!

Green Hackathon is an international series of events to get together to create and implement new ideas for a more sustainable future. We believe in a hacker approach to sustainability: getting excited and building things, using and producing open data and code, being creative, using computer technology and ideas to change the world for better.

They won’t have much time – from the opening speech to the final presentations to the jury the next day, only 30 hours have been allotted. Time in which the participants will gather, sort, evaluate, and develop digital prototypes for ideas about sustainable, urban mobility. Sustainability” hackathon on the way in March.

Sustainability hackathon

The Sustainability Hackathon calls for youth with innovative software solutions that addresses challenges in the climate change, renewable energy, climate smart 

Sustainability hackathon

from the left:  Virtual Event. December 11, 2020 @ 12:00 - December 13, 2020 @ 19:00. “Hack for the Future” Swedbank Sustainability Hackathon. Dec 11. 14:00 - 16:00  Join us for the DadliHack 3.0 Hackathon at UNOPS GIC Antigua Barbuda. DadliHack 3.0: “Protecting, Adapting and Promoting the sustainable use of sun, sea  editions of the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon series in Montreal 2017 and Dubai 2018, with the aim of advancing transport sector towards sustainability. Den 23: augusti arrangerades en Green Hackathon med fokus i hållbar mat, ordnad av Centre for Sustainable Communications i KTH i  Scandic rankas allt högre som hållbart varumärke i Sustainable en rad hållbarhetsinitiativ som började med en Sustainability Hackathon där  Sustainability hackathon.

Sustainability hackathon

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NTNU’s 2021 Hackathon is designed to address sustainability challenges in urban areas after Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic had touched all of humanity, but has hit the poorest hardest and harmed progress towards gender equality.The role of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in creating safe, resilient, sustainable and gender-equal cities has never been more important.

 The hackathon is calling for ideas that focus on production systems improving towards sustainability.
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Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC), is a non-profit organisation based in Uppsala, Sweden that acts as a community platform for young entrepreneurs, professionals, ‘innovative thinkers’ and academics with the aim to work with innovative projects and ideas that are based on the United Nations sustainability …

Ungas innovationskraft har fått stå i centrum när we_change under hösten har anordnat Sustainability Hackathons runt om i landet. Tusentals gymnasieungdomar i åtta städer har tillsammans med ledande samhällsaktörer arbetat fram lösningar på några av vår tids mest utmanande frågor. The hackathon’s goal is to find innovative solutions in various fields to create more sustainable businesses, cities, households, and individual lives. Participants are invited to offer a fresh perspective on the climate change crisis and develop new approaches through the lens of digitalization and technology to work towards a more sustainable and thoughtful future.

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We are grateful for your participation in the Sustainability Hackathon 2017 and helped make this event so successful! Our aim was to create an inspirational

The 4th annual Sustain-A-Thon saw 57 students propose solutions for making the planet more livable and sustainable. USC President Carol Folt was a surprise guest at this year’s Sustain-A-Thon, the most popular one ever and the first one online. Each year for Hackathon, there are challenges issued by executive leadership focused on areas important to their business which teams can choose to hack on. After the Hackathon finished, Antonio, James, and Mauro received news their project was selected as the top project in the Sustainability Challenge. The Sustainability Hackathon calls for youth with innovative software solutions that addresses challenges in the climate change, renewable energy, climate smart agriculture, energy efficiency, circular economy and environmental sustainability. Web and App developers, AI solutions for for solving sustainability problems in Africa. If you already have had the chance to take part in a hackathon or if you are ready to experience the process for the fir Hackathon = hacking + marathon for sustainable mobility.

The hackathon is calling for ideas that focus on production systems improving towards sustainability. Any innovations in the following categories: - clean energy (biomass, solar, wind, hydropower etc.) - clean industry (materials, design, production, packaging etc.) - efficiency (green building, data centres, smart grid, semi-conductors)

Developers, designers, product experts, and Sustainable Event Management. Re-set hackathon.

mars 4, 2020 Team Holistic: Agenda 2030 sustainability development goals. Infotrek and  opportunities related to sustainability within the textile and fashion industry.